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Learn how to grow vegetables in raised beds, containers

El Dorado County master gardeners offer free workshop with strategies for bountiful success

Tomato plants grow well in raised beds, a good solution for gardeners with less-than-ideal drainage or soil structure.

Tomato plants grow well in raised beds, a good solution for gardeners with less-than-ideal drainage or soil structure. Kathy Morrison

Poor drainage? Not enough room? Too much concrete?

Sometimes the best solution to creating a vegetable garden is to grow UP – plant those tomatoes and squash in raised beds and containers.

Summer vegetables and herbs grow very well in raised beds and many also will adapt to growing in pots, wine barrels or other containers. Learn tips for success during the in-person workshop, “Growing Veggies in Raised Beds & Other Containers.”

Set for 9 a.m. Saturday, June 29, this free three-hour class will be offered at Blackstone Community Center in El Dorado Hills. It’s open to the public; advance registration is encouraged. Find the registration link here:

UCCE Master Gardeners of El Dorado County will offer the best and most up-to-date advice about raised bed and contained gardening.

“Join Master Gardeners Mike Pavlick and Zack Dowell as they reveal the strategies for success with growing vegetables in raised beds and other containers,” say the organizers. “Mike will cover site location, raised bed and container options along with other methods that will allow anyone to grow veggies in a small backyard setting. Then, Zack will talk about how to grow vegetables including plant selection, planting times, soil preparation, seed planting techniques, fertilization and pest management.”

Blackstone Center is located at 1461 Blackstone Parkway, El Dorado Hills.

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For more El Dorado County master gardener classes and events:


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Garden Checklist for week of July 14

Your garden needs you!

* Keep your vegetable garden watered, mulched and weeded. Water before 8 a.m. to reduce the chance of fungal infection and to conserve moisture.

* Feed vegetable plants bone meal, rock phosphate or other fertilizers high in phosphate to stimulate more blooms and fruiting. (But wait until daily high temperatures drop out of the 100s.)

* Don’t let tomatoes wilt or dry out completely. Give tomatoes a deep watering two to three times a week.

* Harvest vegetables promptly to encourage plants to produce more. Squash especially tends to grow rapidly in hot weather. Keep an eye on zucchini.

* Pinch back chrysanthemums for bushy plants and more flowers in September.

* Remove spent flowers from roses, daylilies and other bloomers as they finish flowering.

* Pinch off blooms from basil so the plant will grow more leaves.

* Cut back lavender after flowering to promote a second bloom.

* It's not too late to add a splash of color. Plant petunias, snapdragons, zinnias and marigolds.

* From seed, plant corn, pumpkins, radishes, winter squash and sunflowers.

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