Relishes and Snacks

Stretch the flavors of Summer throughout the year. Zap some super-quick pickles in the microwave. Turn tomatoes into chutney — or powder. (It’s great on popcorn!)

You’ll have this easy chutney down P.A.T.

P.A.T. Chutney combines plums (or pluots), apricots and tomatoes

Relish this savory-sweet idea for summer produce

Plum-plum tomato chutney like a chunky ketchup

Make the taste of summer last a little longer

This tomato jam is a versatile relish, on or off the sandwich

Dry and pulverize tomatoes to store as a spice

Try tomato flakes or powder on popcorn, veggies, salads

Make most of mixed peaches, cherries, plums in easy conserve

Tutti frutti summer conserve is versatile condiment

Zapped pickles: Quick and easy

Microwave method for last cucumber (or zucchini) of summer