Soups and Salads

Chilled peach soup? We have two versions: Extra creamy (with Greek yogurt) and vegan. Try our best-ever fresh tomato soup. Peach, pluots, figs, watermelon and more make for interesting salads.

Chill out with fresh peach soup

No dairy in this refreshing dessert or side dish

Dare to chill a peach? Yes, it’s a soup

Use very ripe fruit in this dish for best flavor

This Mediterranean combination is summer-meets-fall

Fig-walnut salad has unexpected ingredient

Easy tomato soup tastes like the Big Tomato

Fresh tomato soup uses only five ingredients

What to do with a zucchini baseball bat on a hot day?

Fresh zucchini slaw makes use of giant squash

Melon meets avocado for a savory, colorful salad

Melon-avocado salad with lemon vinaigrette

Brunch gazpacho is sweet with a bit of tang

Melon dish spans end of summer, start of fall

This salad celebrates peach season

Arugula, fennel complement summer’s best stone fruit

Pluots add sweet-tart crunch to salad

Dish combines fresh fruit with dried cranberries, walnuts

Pretty pluots team with spinach and pecans in summer salad

Pluot-spinach salad with fig balsamic vinaigrette

Refreshing salad for a warm day

A pop of heat combines with cool watermelon