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Preserves and condiments

Save the flavors of the season for use year round. That includes small-batch refrigerator lime marmalade, candied citrus peel and rose hip jelly. For a truly different kind of pickled vegetable, try marinated cardoon – an Italian delicacy.

Sweet-sour treat made from discards

Candied citrus peel is an old-fashioned favorite

Cardoon takes work, but worth it

Artichoke cousin needs triple blanching to remove bitterness

Pomegranate jelly colors the season

Tangy condiment is just the right red

Kitchen magic with kumquats

Roasted, the tiny citrus fruit becomes a flavor giant

Fruit of the rose yields delicious treat

Rose hip jelly tastes (surprise!) like hibiscus

There's a lot to do with kumquats

Simple, versatile kumquat sauce makes most of sweet-sour flavor

Stir up a quick batch of marmalade

Ripe limes, lemons become breakfast treat -- no canning required