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We love a hot breakfast or something warm from the oven on a cold winter morning. Break from the ordinary with these flavorful (and often healthy) options including fruity muffins, scones, breakfast rolls, coffee cakes, quick breads and frittatas, plus variations on old favorites such as applesauce pancakes or Meyer lemon baked French toast. 

Applesauce adds goodness, cuts fat

These healthy muffins are less messy, too

Applesauce can be a versatile ingredient

Fruit substitutes for milk in old-fashioned pancakes

Go green (and maybe red) with a chard frittata

Classic brunch dish uses this easy plant to grow and to cook

Lime a bright flavor for morning scones

Yogurt helps keep these baked goodies moist and fluffy

These little muffins are like a bite of winter sunshine

Grapefruit-raisin muffins taste, smell very citrusy

Pancakes take a lemony Hawaiian twist

Lemon and coconut work beautifully in corn cakes

Lemon pairs with ripe persimmon for flavorful muffins

Lemon-persimmon muffins with lemon glaze

This cheery frittata is just right for two

Merry Christmas frittata with spinach and red pepper

Meyer lemon French toast a brunch or holiday breakfast treat

Brighten a winter morning with a citrusy baked main dish

Upside-down muffins feature winter's best citrus

Meyer lemons require a light hand in baking

Start 2022 with more mushrooms

Mushroom frittata with cheese and green onions

Orange rolls brighten winter mornings

No-yeast dough produces a light citrusy treat

Orange and chocolate are delicious partners

Quick buttermilk bread includes plenty of zest

Sunny combination for chilly winter morning

Orange cranberry bread full of bright flavor

Spiced orange muffins, but not always orange

Recipe: Baking and experimenting with fresh citrus fruit

A coffee cake to make for a busy week

Pears contrast with tart cranberries

Triple apple treat for any time of day

Applesauce, apple cider and fresh apples for flavor