Soups and Salads

Break out of lettuce-tomato doldrums with these inventive Spring salads and soups. Discover
some fruity twists, too, such as chilled peach soup or Spring strawberry salad with fresh

Meyer lemon is secret to colorful winter salad

Vinaigrette enhances black rice and a mix of veggies

Dare to chill a peach? Yes, it’s a soup

Use very ripe fruit in this dish for best flavor

Baby kale makes this soup dino-mite

Young leaves speed up making of Portuguese kale soup

Fava beans and asparagus co-star in spring salad

Dress bright veggies with an easy vinaigrette

In-the-way vegetable a delicious salad ingredient

Fennel pairs with celery hearts for a crunchy side dish

What to do with a zucchini baseball bat on a hot day?

Fresh zucchini slaw makes use of giant squash

Chill out with lemony pasta salad

Green beans, simple dressing keep salad light

Beets brighten early spring meals

Roasted beet and citrus salad is healthy comfort food

Roasted corn salad ideal for cookout

Chopped veggies in a light vinaigrette can cope with heat

Spring green soup uses a mix of vegetables

Served hot or cold, it's a taste of the season

Edible flowers top this pretty salad

Spring strawberry salad with fresh violets

Strawberries pair with cabbage for sweet-tart slaw

Strawberry slaw with fig balsamic vinaigrette

Light and lemony, a potato salad for spring

Recipe: Celery adds crunch, mint lends an herbal note