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It's 'Walk with Warren' time again

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Warren Roberts is superintendent emeritus of the UC Davis Arboretum
and quite a raconteur. (Courtesy UC Davis Arboretum)
Popular arboretum guide starts his monthly series
It’s a new school year and a new season of exploration through the UC Davis Arboretum with everyone’s favorite pun-spinning garden guide, Warren Roberts.

At noon Sept. 11, join Roberts for his popular “Walk with Warren,” a lunchtime stroll in search of blooms and more. On this walk, he’ll discuss the change of seasons in the gardens including fall flowering bulbs and shrubs.

As superintendent emeritus, Roberts has a unique perspective of the arboretum gardens; he knows the full history of thousands of the arboretum's plants, where they came from, what they like, how they grow and why they were chosen for the collection. He probably has an entertaining story for every plant, too.

Meet at the Arboretum Gazebo. As always, admission is free. One-hour free parking is available along Garrod Drive near the Gazebo. Or stay longer and park in Visitor Parking Lot 55; a parking pass is $10.

Wear comfortable shoes and, if it’s particularly sunny, a hat and sunscreen. See how the arboretum’s water-wise gardens survived (and thrived) this summer and discover possibilities for your own landscape.

Roberts leads these Wednesday tours once a month. Become a "Walk with Warren" regular and really get to know this wonderful local resource.

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* Keep your vegetable garden watered, mulched and weeded. Water before 8 a.m. to reduce the chance of fungal infection and to conserve moisture.

* Feed vegetable plants bone meal, rock phosphate or other fertilizers high in phosphate to stimulate more blooms and fruiting. (But wait until daily high temperatures drop out of the 100s.)

* Don’t let tomatoes wilt or dry out completely. Give tomatoes a deep watering two to three times a week.

* Harvest vegetables promptly to encourage plants to produce more. Squash especially tends to grow rapidly in hot weather. Keep an eye on zucchini.

* Pinch back chrysanthemums for bushy plants and more flowers in September.

* Remove spent flowers from roses, daylilies and other bloomers as they finish flowering.

* Pinch off blooms from basil so the plant will grow more leaves.

* Cut back lavender after flowering to promote a second bloom.

* It's not too late to add a splash of color. Plant petunias, snapdragons, zinnias and marigolds.

* From seed, plant corn, pumpkins, radishes, winter squash and sunflowers.

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