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'Swig & Dig' returns at Exotic Plants

Learn how to make a mounted fern

Stag fern attached to driftwood piece
"Swig & Dig" at Exotic Plants will feature this mounted staghorn fern.
(Photo courtesy Exotic Plants)

As more plant lovers get vaccinated, more in-person gardening events are returning to the Sacramento calendar – including this popular workshop mixing gardening with wine sipping.

Exotic Plants, Sacramento’s longtime leader in indoor gardening, will host “Swig & Dig” at 5:30 p.m. Friday, March 26. The project: A mounted fern.

Exotic Plants will host the in-person class in its spacious store at 1525 Fulton Ave., Sacramento. (Remember: Bring a face mask.)

“Each $60 ticket includes all planting supplies, a personal bottle of wine and an exclusive discount in our store!” says the staff of Exotic Plants.

Learn how to attach a staghorn fern to driftwood or other growing platform so it can be mounted on a wall to grow without soil. Such ferns can thrive for years, even decades – if they get off to a good start.

Seating is limited; reservations can be made now on . Or call the store and purchase your ticket: 916-922-4769.

Details: .

— Debbie Arrington

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Dig In: Garden checklist for week of Oct. 2

Plan to make the most of the mild weather in your garden.

* October is the best month to plant trees and shrubs.

* October also is the best time to plant perennials in our area. Add a little well-aged compost and bone meal to planting holes or beds, but hold off on other fertilizers until spring. Keep the transplants well-watered (but not wet) for the first month as they become settled.

* Now is the time to plant seeds for many flowers directly into the garden, including cornflower, nasturtium, nigella, poppy, portulaca, sweet pea and stock.

* Plant seeds for radishes, bok choy, mustard, spinach and peas.

* Plant garlic and onions.

* Set out cool-weather bedding plants, including calendula, pansy, snapdragon, primrose and viola.

* Reseed and feed the lawn. Work on bare spots.

* Dig up corms and tubers of gladioluses, dahlias and tuberous begonias after the foliage dies. Clean and store in a cool, dry place.

* Treat azaleas, gardenias and camellias with chelated iron if leaves are yellowing between the veins.

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