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Articles with keywords: summer produce

Sun, Jul 30, 2023

Oh-so-ripe tomatoes make an easy garden sauce

Recipe: Chunky or smooth, it's the fresh flavor of summer

Sun, Aug 14, 2022

You’ll have this easy chutney down P.A.T.

P.A.T. Chutney combines plums (or pluots), apricots and tomatoes

Sun, Aug 29, 2021

Make most of mixed peaches, cherries, plums in easy conserve

Tutti frutti summer conserve is versatile condiment

Sun, Jun 27, 2021

Cool, fruit-filled salsa a delicious option for a hot day

White nectarines star in a fresh condiment — or salad

Sun, Aug 16, 2020

Cool casserole during hot weather

Zippy Zappy Zucchini can be made in microwave

Sun, Aug 02, 2020

Blueberries pack this homey dessert

Blueberry buckle has a touch of sour cream